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Reconstructed figurines, Snow Globes

 Happy Repaired

I receive many "thank You" cards in the mail, emails and phone calls from delighted  snow globe and music box customers all year round.

This also makes me very happy to know that I provide a service that most of my customers find absolutely magical, when they see the completed repaired snow globe, musical figurine or precious music box arrive back to them, in just a few days, completed and safely packaged with professional shipping materials and back to new again. 

Even the Music Box Piano - Parts where reconstructed on this precious

antique piano music box that holds great sentimental value to the owner.

(Image coming soon)


Snow Globe RepairRed Piano


Disney Mickey Restored 

Today we received the Jesus globe repair (Base…Have Faith) that you completed for us. It’s beautiful!! Thank you so much!!

We greatly appreciate your careful wrapping of the globe as it arrived on our porch with one side of the box severely broken in and peanuts spilling out. We took a photo of the box just in case the contents was broken. But because of your excellent care in double bubble wrapping, it was fine.

We also like the amount of glitter you added. Perfect!!

Thanks again for your excellent work!


Much Appreciated………..Jean & Tim Buhite












Two Clowns Snow Globe


A very unique Fisherman water globe (Right Image Above) 

 Complete restoration plus reconstruction of the fishing rod. Not a simple task, trying to get the figurine back in the globe!

As you can see the whole base of the figurine cover the whole base/neck of the globe when attached to the  gasket and leaves no room for error, when installing back into the globe.

Nativity Waterglobe with Revolving Base (Below)

Complete rebuild including repainting some figurines and making a new head, hand and staff for Joseph. It was damaged when it was dropped and the glass was broken and part of the figurine. This type of work is obviously more expensive repair but most of my repairs are priceless, irreplaceable, sentimental collectible that have not been in production for years. It gives most customers enormous pleasure to see something that was so badly damaged, restored and working again!

New York Snow Globe (Below)

Reconstructed parts of the bridge and "Statue of Liberty" torch. Replace globe and fluid. Nothing could be seen when this arrived for repair. So much bacteria had built up and completely discolored the liquid. This is normal after several years due to different elements of nature. Temperature change, hot, cold, light, darkness and the lack of moving water and oxygen, similar to a dirty aquarium tank or pond without a pump running.

New York

"Thank you so much for your service on my broken Snoopy snow globe. It is so awesome that you took the time to restore it to new again"

- Leigh Ann, US -


Hi Paul,

I received the box yesterday and opened it today when my little one is in her summer camp. The box is so fabulous! I really appreciate you mailed it so quickly, thank you very much!

Have a nice day,

Good Afternoon Paul,

I felt like Christmas all over the again – you did a pheonomal job on our memories!!!!!

When I open the boxes next year if I find any sick music boxes they are being sent to the true Music Box Elf.

I received them on Thursday and I am still having Christmas. 

Can you send me your website so I can comment about you on my facebook and mark you as one of my favorite companies.


Beckie Brown,

Just received my snow globe back from you. It is like brand new. I cant thank you enough.

Judy Carey

Received my globe you repaired,,,,What a wonderful job you did . My daughter and grandsons love it.. I know the musicbox was not going to be replaced ,but the globe and the flakes are just perfect, thank you so much,gale

Gale Black

Thanks Paul your service has been great. I have told a few of my friends also my wife was very pleased. Thanks again  hope your buisness keeps busy cheers Billy

William Mullan (Scotland UK)

Just wanted to reach out and say thanks for a beautiful restoration of my Mother's nativity mushroom snow globe/music box.  It looks brand new!  My Mother passed away in August at the age of 94, so this globe -- which I gave her as a gift nearly 20 years ago -- is now mine to remember her by.  It will always be a cherished keepsake.

I would highly recommend your services and will pass along your business card to the shop where I originally purchased it.  In fact, I stopped there first and asked about repairs -- but they had no idea how to do so!

Best Wishes, Marie Brown

 I have received my snow globe safe and sound and a big thank you is due to you. It is absolutely fantastic, better than when it was new! I have put it in a very safe place, don’t want it to get broken again, I am thrilled with it and have passed on your details to all my friends.

 Thank you again, you have made me so happy. 

Kind regards 

Irene    Skaters Reoaired Snow Globe

England UK

Paul-I  just received my music box and it is wonderful-after all of these years- Thank goodness I found your web site.
Thank you again for your expertise and promptness.
Swiss Music Box Repair
Melanie Hodge 


Aladdin Globe Repair UK

Paul you beauty! Looks amazing, you have done an excellent job! Fingers crossed the weather will warm up a bit and I can get it on the window sill with the others

Stephen & Amy

Wales UK

Disney Aladdin Globe Repair


Gondola  Music Box

with Twirling Dancer

Thanks for the great work my wife loved it and we ended up giving it back to her Mother (She cried tears of joy when she opened it) All the best Rich. (Horsham, PA)

Gondola Music Box with Dancer